About Our Events

The club has numerous events throughout the year which includes our annual overnighter, the annual dinner, a mystery cruise, what we refer to as final Fridays (cruise and eat), and some years a club picnic.

The club recently had a club picnic at Armstrong Woods which was well attended. The Mystery Cruise took place in July and as always is a fun outing. The nice part about the final location being a mystery is when the cruise leader takes a wrong turn no one really knows since the two leaders are the only ones that know where we are going anyway.

The last few years the club has been able to make a donation to a well-deserved local charity that helps the hungry and afflicted in Sonoma County. In 2014 one of our club members put together a fundraiser with the help of sponsors, other club members, and friends we were able to turn this into a fun social event that was for a great cause. We are hoping to repeat this event in the next couple of years.

Our events are planned by our club members, so get involved, Bring an idea to a meeting for the next Final Friday event or help plan next year’s overnighter.

Annual Overnighter

Fun club cruise and adventure normally planned for October. In the last few years we have cruised to some really nice destinations such as Monterey, Plymouth, Nice, Fort Bragg, & the Dolce-Hayes Mansion in San Jose.

Annual Dinner

The annual club dinner is researched by members and planned at a restaurant in the North Bay. This has always been a relaxing evening enjoying other club members, friends, and family members.

Mystery Cruise

A mystery cruise is planned, hints are provided starting about three meetings before the cruise. The members usually have no idea where they are going but it has always been a fun cruise followed by a relaxing lunch.

Other Events

Final Fridays:
These are usually planned for months that we do not have something else on the calendar and they are often on a Saturday. A member will arrange a place for us to cruise to for breakfast or lunch.